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Workers compensation Hernia Surgery
Hernia Surgery for Workers Compensation Patients
  1. High volume Board Certified Hernia Surgeon with a proven background and demonstrated familiarity with workers’ compensation and occupational medicine. Dr Rafael Azuaje has performed over 350 hernia surgeries on workers compensation patients. 

  2. We satisfy the needs of the key parties in workers’ compensation cases (worker, employer, payer and others who may become involved) to be treated with courtesy and to receive information and guidance provided without bias and with good communication skills.

  3. Able to provide same/next day appointments.

  4. Most surgeries usually scheduled within one week of the initial consultation and medical clearance of the patient.

  5. Written reports and guidance about work abilities promptly sent back to the adjustor or case manager usually within one day of the patient being seen.

  6. The Miami Hernia Center provides high quality and compassionate medical care. High-quality care produces better outcomes for workers and better value for payers. 

  7. At all times we respect and fulfill the extra responsibilities that the workers compensation system creates.

  8. We provide the worker timely, courteous, and effective care that returns them to health as quickly as possible with the least discomfort, uncertainty, economic upset, and life disruption.

  9. Our goal is to get the workers back on the job in the most time-efficient manner possible, with the best long-term health outcomes, to ensure the overall health and productivity of the workforce.

  10. We employ evidence-based treatment methods, by utilizing tests, procedures, and specialist services wisely, and by coordinating care.

Workers compensation Hernia Surgery
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