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What is included in the all-inclusive price?

Surgeon's operating fee, anesthesia fee, facility fee and post-operative evaluation

Do you accept insurance?

Call our office for more details

Do I need my stitches removed?

No. We use absorbable skin suture that will dissolve with time as well as a surgical glue that usually falls off after 1-2 weeks

Do you use mesh for the hernia repair?

Yes, most of the time. We discuss all options, risks, benefits and alternative treatments with every patient. In some cases we perform a primary repair with no mesh

Can I have two hernias repaired at the same time?


How big is the incision?

Most incisions are between 2-3 inches. They can be larger depending on the weight of the patient and the size of the hernia

Is the procedure open or laparoscopic?

The quoted prices are for open surgery. All options will de discussed with the patient

How can I make a payment?

You can pay through our website, by phone or at the office. We accept all major credit cards

How long does a consultation take?

A typical consultation takes between 20-30 minutes but will vary depending on the complexity of the patient and the hernia

Do I need an ultrasound or other imaging?

Some patients with inguinal hernias will need additional imaging. They are usually indicated when the hernia is not palpable. Sometimes with umbilical hernias an ultrasound is required to rule out additional defects. For some large incisional hernias a CT of the abdomen might be recommended

Is the procedure outpatient?

Most inguinal, umbilical and epigastric hernias are done outpatient. Quoted prices are for an outpatient procedure. An overnight stay can be arranged for an additional price

Do I need medical clearance?

Yes. Most patients need medical clearance. This can be done with your primary doctor or we can arrange a board certified internal medicine doctor for an additional $300 (this includes evaluation, preoperative labs and electrocardiogram). 

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